6″ Pink Diablo Recycler Dab Rig

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Size matters when it comes to dab rigs since bigger rigs cause the more precious extract to adhere to the glass, which makes hits less satisfying. Finding the right balance is critical; the smoke path on this original glass recycler is the ideal median. On the other hand, an extended smoke path also results in more astounding hits.

Special Features

You create unforgettable memories with our complex dab tig with a recycling machine. Here’s why:

Stylish recycler oil/dab rig with stunning colors

This item features exquisite glasswork, including an attached drop pipe with slits for diffusing the smoke and crevices and holes allowing the smoke to pass through.

Simple to Operate

It includes a 14mm male banger with a bowl chopped at a 45° angle to improve airflow. These Quartz Glass oil bangers are incredibly simple to use; rather than inserting a typical nail, simply slip the banger into the bong’s opening gauge. Place your concentrates, oil, or wax in the oil pan using your dab tool, put your carb cap on top of the banger, and start dabbing!

Just keep in mind to only heat the pan and not the banger’s ground joint or gauge, as it will expand when heated and could break your bong or banger!

A New Filtration Level for Your Dabs

As you inhale, the smoke will circulate throughout the device, moving up toward the sliding mouthpiece as it passes through larger to smaller chambers. This lovely dab rig is ideal for your dabs because it is only 6 inches tall.

Product Information

  • Colour: Pink

  • Height: 6 inches

  • 14mm male bowl + banger

  • Quartz Banger + Dry bowl included

Additional Info
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