6″ Candy Cane Twisted Base Dab Rig

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The most popular holiday treat is now available at Apple Dream Shop to make you happy on holiday and every other day! This delightful dag rig has a unique shape, just like the Christmas treat it is named after. The 6″ Candy Cane Twisted Base Dab Rig can be stood upright thanks to the flat base design, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over.

On the side of the bowl has a side carb hole that allows you to regulate the airflow while inhaling. You can control how much dry herbs you fire with this side carb hole and ensure they don’t burn. The shape of the themed glass pipe makes it very simple to grasp. The entire hand pipe is covered in glass and with a striped candy cane inside.

This candy cane has a mouthpiece for comfortable tokes at the long end, it is a great Christmas gift for any festive smoker you know, or the recipient of your secret Santa gift is this holiday-themed pipe.

Special Features

Glass on glass

This item is glass with a few unique elements like the striped candy Cane and colored lid that give it a distinctive and lovely appearance. One of the numerous characteristics that might make this piece stand out in your glass collection is the striped colored candy cane.

Candy cane

This water pipe or dap rig has a candy theme with informs the intricate design with a striped candy cane at the center of the glass bowl.

Curved neck

Designs with bent necks offer both aesthetic and practical benefits. Bent necks offer your glass water pipe a distinct appearance from other pipes. Bent necks also serve as a splashguard by effectively keeping all water inside the pipe and away from your lips. The 6″ Candy Cane Twisted Base Dab Rig provides a safer position for you by horizontally extending the mouthpiece away from the heat source.

Durable glass

The thick glass used in this glass pipe boosts its toughness and lifetime. Due to the weight of the glass used in manufacturing, thick glass pieces are less prone to break.

Deep bowl

This pipe has a deep bowl that makes it possible to pack a lot of dried herbs or tobacco at once.

Product Information

  • Height: 6 inches

  • Includes a 14mm quartz banger and a 14mm fumed bowl piece.

  • Easy use and less likely to topple over, thanks to the flat base design.

  • Superior quartz glass blower made to withstand heat and last.

What a pleasure! This bong is a seasonal offering from the Apple Dream Shop crew. It has a distinctive and recognizable swirl-colored candy cane at the center of its bowl, giving it the most extraordinary possible appearance.

For about $33, you can have a decent Dab Rig kit!

Additional Info
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